What Happens at Heart2Heart Touch Experience?

A close friend once asked me about Heart2Heart Touch. He asked, “How are your touch activities going for you? I said, "When people ask me what is Heart2Heart about, I struggle with the words to explain clearly what goes on at a workshop." My friend said, “Just tell them what happens.” Here are some thoughts about what we do and the men who participate.

Everyone who comes to Heart2Heart Touch activity loves men. Each man enters with their own touch experiences, beliefs about touch and fears around touch. So my job is to have touch activities that create an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and enjoyment for each person who attends.

When men discover Heart2Heart Touch Workshops, some men get turned on because the word touch is part of Heart2Heart Touch. Some men get nervous because of their lack of experiences with touch. Other men share that they’re fearful of touch because men had touched them in an inappropriate manner. Sadly, a few of the men were embarrassed because they considered themselves untouchable by some kind of gay standard.

So what do the men actually do at Heart2Heart Touch? The men experience safety and connection. These are significant things we need, when we are participating in any kind of touch activity.

By my providing non-sexual Touch Guidelines, participants know what to expect. We take turns, giving and receiving touch. When we are receiving, we relax and tell the giving man how we want to be touched. When we are giving, we focus on giving supportive touch to the man receiving, as the receiving man requests.


When we give or receive touch we might touch hands, arms, shoulders, chest, back, head or face, if agreed. All touch is consensual. We acknowledge our erotic feelings and just let them be there. There is no kissing, grabbing of butts, crotches or nipples. We acknowledge our erotic feelings and just let them be there. We are heart-focused.We respect the wishes and boundaries of each man. 

During touch activities fully clothed participants are given verbal instructions how to use their words, to tell a man how and where they want to be touched. We might say: touch slowly, more firmly, more to the left, now please massage my shoulders, or gently touch my hair. Each man is always at choice to say yes or no, or more or less.

Imagine what it feels like to be safely held, to receive warm hugs, to have your shoulders massaged, to have your head tenderly stroked or to dance a slow dance. By combining gentle soothing music, touch guidelines, taking turns and using our words, we receive caring touch and enhance our emotional connections with men.