"We crave touch. We are cut off from it. The result is touch isolation. And where does this leave men? Physically and emotionally isolated. Cut off from the deeply human physical contact that is proven to reduce stress, encourage self esteem and create community."

How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men by Mark Greene

The biggest problem that

touch deprivation creates is a sense of alienation 

from ourselves and isolation from others.

Need for Touch—

“Most of us crave touch and can’t live well without it. At times it can become excruciating to go without. So what does a person do when there is no one to meet your need for touch,"  How To Satisfy Your Need For Touch With No One To Touch You

• Almost half (44 percent) of Los Angeles residents say they sometimes or always feel alone.

* 42 percent of Los Angeles residents report sometimes or always feeling left out. 

"In-person interactions play an important role in alleviating one’s feelings of loneliness, with those who experience infrequent in-person interactions typically are much lonelier than those who engage in meaningful interactions regularly."

CIGNA U.S. Los Angeles Area: Loneliness Index 2018

“I have observed that men in our culture are afraid of other men. Commonly we don’t let our walls, down with other men. The simple acts of having your head stroked, being safely held or gently touched, helps us feel acknowledged, connected and alive.”  

Facilitator:  J. Soroczak