Participant Testimonials

“Heart2Heart provides the perfect space for me to breathe, get centered and connect from my heart, with other men. How nourishing!”   — Rick L.

“John’s years of experience makes his workshop a safe place for men to get the touch they need and want, without any pressure to perform or be someone they are not. I came away from the afternoon rested, relaxed and satisfied.”

- Dr. Jallen Rix 

“I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed being at this workshop. I was timid at first. Slowly I felt safe and relaxed. The structured non-sexual touch activities were extremely nourishing and supportive. Something significant changed in me and it felt natural to give and receive touch.”     

— Alex C.

"The non-judgmental tone of the workshop allows all to participate and creates a friendly, safe experience. Even if you are shy or feel you have trouble connecting with others, the inclusive atmosphere reinforces trust both with and among all of the participants."  — Jeff M.

"John is a very caring guide who makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. I left feeling  the importance of touch and understanding it is not always about sex."  — Bob D.

"Before I went to the Heart2Heart Touch, I was concerned that the touch would become sexual. After the introductions, I felt myself begin to relax. After a few touch activities, I realized the activities were really non-sexual and began to enjoy myself. The workshop’s fun touch activities, clear instructions and touch guidelines, created an enjoyable afternoon of caring touch." Larry Z.

“At first I was a little skeptical that sexless touch could lead to anything besides sexual frustration. The right music, good men and guidelines for non-sexual touch activities created a warm, comfortable and nourishing evening. It was a beautiful experience.”  — Gil D.

"I felt very nourished by my experience of H2H; primarily because it was not a sexually-charged atmosphere, and because the facilitator empowered each of us to communicate our desires and needs with each other.  This enabled me to participate in creating the safety I needed to connect with men that I might not have connected with in a more sexually-charged environment.  It helped to increase my pleasure and enjoyment of our mutual sharing and touch.”    — Allen P.

"One day as the participants began to relax and open, I felt the energy of the room become warm and sweet. It made my heart feel good.” Facilitator: JS